When the unexpected strikes, it’s important to be prepared and know what to do and what your options are. Would you know what to do if chaos struck? Is it the right thing to RUN?  If you’re going to run, where would you run to and is it the best option?  Are you going to HIDE? Is there a place to hide or are you left open and vulnerable – a classroom, a theatre or a public place?  Should you FIGHT?  Is this your only choice and how will you fight?

In our 3-hour class, Empower the Girls Personal Safety 101, you’ll learn some of the best strategies, options, and plans of what to do in a variety of situations from everyday safety and creating good habits to sexual assault and mass shootings.  You’ll walk away from the class with a new sense of confidence, knowledge and powerful skills including self-defense that will reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Please, parents, let us teach your girls valuable lessons and skills before they start driving, head off to college and leave home how to be Empowered and Safer as they build their own life in this big uncertain world of ours.

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