Empowering young women with the tangible skills to protect themselves is a necessity! Empower the Girls provides teens and young women with the tools to navigate the world confidently and securely through cultivating prevention knowledge, honing personal safety, and teaching personal safety strategies. Classes are uniquely captivating, enjoyable and straightforward – regardless of age, stature or capability.


Our mission is to ignite the power within women of all ages, especially teens and young women, so that they can lead safer lives through their own actions. We are devoted to helping them unlock the strength and courage needed to make their lives better.

Personal Safety

Personal Safety


We celebrate the immense power that young women possess. We acknowledge their strength, self-assurance, and awe-inspiring greatness. We are committed to teaching these vibrant individuals violence prevention strategies and self-protection techniques that will equip them to be their own guardians. Our aim is that everyone has the opportunity to live their lives free from fear and danger.