Classes And Programs

There are no guarantees of personal safety, however by learning simple precautions individuals can reduce their risk of becoming a victim and be better prepared just in case. Empower the Girls training is like a seat belt of personal safety, it adds a layer of protection just in case!
We have three dynamic options to choose from depending on your goal, audience, and programming timeframe. More about each below.

Empower the Girls Personal Safety Training 101

A dynamic and interactive program geared toward all women, with a particular focus on high school and college-aged girls. This 3-hour program is an excellent way to prepare teens and young women with confidence building; practical personal safety skills to raise awareness and avoid dangerous situations while learning physical skills for self-defense. The program is fast-paced, engaging and easy to follow, no matter age, size or ability. We put the fun in learning!

Empower the Girls Personal Safety Presentation

In our 1 ½ – 2 hour presentations, participants learn to get their ‘A’ game on with greater awareness, assertiveness, avoidance techniques and action steps to think smarter and act wiser just in case! The more prepared girls are, the more empowering options they have, the more confident they’ll feel – the more fearlessly they’ll live! All presentations appropriate for ages 14+.

Empower the Girls Instructor Training Program

Empower the Girls Instructor Training ~ a present-day prevention education, safety awareness and self-defense program offering a curriculum designed by a multidisciplinary team of experts and practitioners in the fields of campus law enforcement and school safety. Upon completion of this class, you will become an authorized Empower the Girls Instructor equipped with the support and tools needed to conduct the Empower the Girls Personal Safety Training 101 on your campus. The information and teaching tools we provide will reinforce your current abilities as well as provide you with new techniques to deliver this innovative training to your community.

Two ways you can get Empowered:

Come to us or let us come to you! Check out our schedule and register for an upcoming class or contact us to bring Empower the Girls to your group, organization or campus. We make it easy to bring this important training to you. Contact us at 954-255-6300 or