Ellen featured in September Strong Woman Entrepreneur!

Please join us in celebrating our September Strong Woman Entrepreneur, Ellen van Olden, Creator of Empower the Girls!

One day, after reading an alarming article about how 1 in 5 young women are sexually assaulted on college campuses, Ellen (a mom of two daughters herself), decided to use HER strong to become an agent of change. She immersed herself in creating a safety education prevention program geared towards young women and teens. Today, Empower the Girls has empowered hundreds of young women across the US with the tools needed to protect themselves with confidence, and reduce their risk of assault!

Check out our full interview with Ellen over at the Embrace Your Strong Project and please be sure to connect with her to learn more about her amazing safety training! (A MUST for all women and their loved ones!)


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Nova Southeastern University Female Student-Athletes Participate in “Empower the Girls”

For these student-athletes, taking a personal safety and self-defense class may not have been the first thing on their mind when they woke up, but it certainly ended on their minds after participating in the 3-hour Empower the Girls Personal Safety Training 101.  Tate Vangellow, a swimmer for NSU Sharks, had this to say; “Loved it! Want my whole team to experience this!”  Read more about what the NSU Sharks had to say about “Empower the Girls.”

Preventing sexual assault on campus takes more than one person, one department . . .

It takes all of us working together. Join us for the Empower the Girls Instructor Training on October 12, 2016 at the University of Hartford. 

Sexual assault prevention starts with education and training. Preventing sexual assault on campus takes more than one department, office, club, team, administrator, professor, parent or student. It takes all of us working together in BIG and SMALL ways. It’s time to ACT!

Join us for a one-day training to become an authorized Empower the Girls instructor and bring a fresh approach to prevention education, personal safety awareness, and self-defense to your campus. Upon completion of this class, you or members of your staff will be equipped with the support and tools needed to effectively conduct and tailor the Empower the Girls Personal Safety Training 101 to your campus.

Let’s work together to reach deeper into your community to prevent sexual violence. The program that is effective because:

  • It works with the pace of the new generation
  • It reaches deeper into the student population
  • It has a shorter time frame with a rich curriculum
  • It’s time-tested and science-based
  • It educates young women to reduce their risk of becoming a victim

REGISTER TODAY at www.empowerthegirls.net
WHAT: Empower the Girls 1-day Instructor Training
WHERE: University of Hartford
WHEN: October 12, 2016
TIME: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
COST: $795 per person or $695 pp when registering 3 or more

Have a question or need additional information. Contact us at 954-255-6300 or email ellen@empowerthegirls.net

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Just Wanted to Say Thanks!

Thank You for Attending!

Great job!  So proud of each of you for rocking it at the Empower the Girls: Personal Safety Training 101.  Now that you are all graduates of the 3-hour 101 class keep it going! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Good daily practice becomes habit forming which will keep you aware, safe and out of danger!

The best part of the class was your enthusiasm!  So pay it forward by sharing something you learned with your family or friends and be an advocate for Empower the Girls! Keep spreading the word! Next class is Saturday, August 6, 2016 at Evloution Fitness Wellington.  Register at www.empowerthegirls.net!