•  August 3, 2019
     6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Empower the Girls: Personal Safety Training 101 is a dynamic and interactive program designed for women of all ages, with a particular focus on teens and young women. This 3-hour program is an excellent way to build confidence, raise awareness and provide practical self-defense skills to protect personal safety. The program is fast-paced, exciting and easy to follow, no matter your age, size, and ability. Skills you will have for a lifetime!

For more information contact Micah Shalev at 508-853-8180 or m.shalev@dodgepark.com.

Instructor: Michael Kaselouskas 
Chief of Public Safety at University of Hartford

Phone: 954-508-853-8180
E-Mail: m.shalev@dodgepark.com
Webpage: www.empowerthegirls.net


Venue Phone: 508-853-8180

101 Randolph Road, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States


101 Randolph Road, Worcester, MA